Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Night A DJ Might Have Saved Your Life!

Puttin' the needle is on the record, seemlessly
 21st June, The Solstice, 2011 (Montreal)--Continuing our People with Jobs Series... here is DJ Wassim sporting a very rare track of Purple Gingham. Check how he's mashing-it-up with some Green Gingham on the Collar! This is a total new groove that is getting everybody on the floor. It was with great reluctance that Wassim allowed me to take his pic, "I can't have people stealing my beats, you hear?" As promised, I can't tell you who designed this blockbuster he's wearing, except to say it was once available at La Baie which happens to be one of the OLDEST COMPANIES in the World--founded before they even INVENTED GINGHAM or had even heard of the Industrial Revolution.
Revolution? What am I talking about--right here, with DJ Wassim on the decks, we've got the revolution we've been waiting for. Thirty-three and a third!

MEANWHILE, in other major Got Gingham News, more USER-GENERATED-CONTENT! Paris in the Springham...

Some dood in Paris can't afford a Citroën, but least they GOT GINGHAM (try translate that into French)
------------------You can send your gingham gets to gotgingham@gmail.com

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