Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirty Five Thousand Gingham Getters Wish us Happy Birthday!

The bidding war begins: on the house with ceilings high enough to mount this wonderful waterfall of Gingham Greatness.

7th June, Twenty-twelve (Montreal) It's our birthday! One year and 35000 hits and we're still Getting the Gingham. Obviously it would not have been possible without all you Gingham Getters. Today we celebrate with a preview shot from the Hazel Meyer show happening at La Centrale tomorrow [see here]. What better way is there to celebrate 365 days of Gingham Gettin'?

Stats don't lie. Neither does Gingham. Gingham makes you look honest. Trust us on this.


Today's Caption "First Year Anniversary Edition" is taken from a conversation overheard during a ride last week on the Number 55 Bus.

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