Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Never Met a Mike We Didn't Like!

Follow me to the Land of Milk and Honey and Double Gingham

Got Gingham Hotline, can we help you?
22nd June, 2011 (Montreal)--Here is a double-whammy for you. Never before has Got Gingham featured the same person twice, but it at least proves there's a major wave of Gingham Getters underway. Here we bring you Michael, who I first snapped earlier in the week parting the crowd like Moses through the Red Sea with his triple-tone Double Grenadine Gingham with a view to running it today. Then today I see the same guy in another Gingham Wonder, this time a Lorraine Blue with white collar and couldn't resist. He spends his workdays saving lives and helping people, so it was no problem asking him to help us in spreading the word on Gingham. I don't know any other puns to tie these photos together than using the one under the collar.

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