Friday, June 29, 2012

Felix break out the Gingham at Casa De Popolo

This has gotta be the Got Gingham Get of the Summer... but still, keep coming back y'all.
29th June, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Half the year has been shot to the horizon and the heat is cooking the streets of the city. Today we bring you pics that our latest reporter Annie Hunting has gathered during the last month. Above we see Annie and Nick Trudel sporting Gingham at the Felix show in Montreal last week. Never heard of the band Felix? Now you have [see here]. Best of all... their fans Got Gingham.

More astounding gets by the incredibly intrepid Gingham Journalist, Annie Hunting:

More action at the Felix show... Like father, like friend [photo: Annie Hunting]

Exquisite Gingham from the Santropol Roulant rooftop 17th Anniversary Party [photo: Annie Hunting]

More Gingham on the roof at Santropol Roulant [photo: Annie Hunting]
Hottest couple in town at the Montréalité booth during the St-Laurent Street Sale. [photo: Annie Hunting]

Were  you on the No. 51 bus via Édouard Montpetit? Were you wearing amazing Gingham? Next time turn around and say hello to Annie. [Photo: Annie Hunting]

Sarah is roaming the Friperie District

"Out there, in the sea of love..."
 Gorgeous people come from miles around to the Friperie District just south of Duluth on Boulevard St-Laurent. Meet our latest Get, Sarah who was only too happy to pose in her vintage Forty-Five.

More Street Style Shots from Gingham Montreal

Philly-style drop shadow cutting no corners.

NYC-Style Calypso Shortsleever astounding us as much as it is him.

There is no grey area when it comes to Gingham.

Why did the Gingham cross the road is not even a question we ask anymore... just keeps crossing over. Eventually we'll all be on the Gingham side.

Here comes another disciple.

This is the shrine they must all be heading to.

Pilgrims can worship at the altar on the way...

... to more and more Gingham.

This was not at all going 'cheap in the sales.'

Girls gotta Get Gingham... leading the pack on the chase for more heaven.

Got anymore Gingham? Send it to

Today's caption: "Open to the public" is brought to you by the International Shorthand Association, or ISA as they way prefer to be known.

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