Friday, July 6, 2012

Naděje's Got Gingham at Café Névé

Image has been purposely blurred in order to protect the copyright of the designer, or at least to encourage Naděje to send us in another pic!

6th July, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) Café Névé is basically Gingham Central. Peruse back through our archive and you will see time and again, how this small Café brings in the Gets. Take our friend Naděje here. Actually, don't take her, we want to keep her. Particularly once we saw this incredible yellow Vichy Summer Love Special Naděje uses to shine up every room. Actually, this dress has been known to stop rain showers and thunderstorms on a wet July weekend. For this we are eternally grateful, and forever in Naděje's debt as we can safely plan our outdoor picnics knowing she is out there, helping us, protecting us, the Goddess Bringer of Sunshine.


Yeah, he thinks he was hired because of his culinary artistry, but wearing Gingham surely tipped the scales in his favour.

Gingham gives you patience, even as people wearing stripes and solids jump you in the queue.

No point asking her out. We ALL have a crush on the girl behind the counter. Wait a minute, he's Got Gingham, so perhaps there's a chance.


Foodies flock to this store in the Mile-End. It has high standards of quality. We can tell by looking at their customers.

Trying to look cool while out in your Gingham? No trying necessary: putting others in the shade is a walk in the park.

Not that we advocate possessiveness in a romantic relationship... but definitely, she's a keeper.

Some people you can spot a mile away. Here our friend Jennings poses for us on Rue Rachel.

Not many people realize it but Houndstooth is no more than a large-pixel Gingham pattern.

Wearing Gingham means you need less deodorant. This guy is still checking, just to be polite.

Youth Culture has taken to Gingham like... all that other stuff Youth Culture is attracted to.

Olivia and Tom outside Blizzarts... Tom wearing a custom-made Gingham Chavalier nobody in the world has seen.

There is nothing more sensible than wearing decent open-toe shoes in the sunshine, with Gingham.

Who cares what model car you drive when you're running around in Eighth-Wave Gingham?

Who needs a Summer Breeze when you got this thing howling between the trees?

You can't always get what you want, but you can Get Gingham. You should try some time...


Cul de Sac, the legendary Montreal friperie, we chose you to end this post.

Got anymore Gingham? Send it to

Today's caption "This is not a joke" is actually very much an attempt at humour.

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