Thursday, July 12, 2012

Annie Hits the Jackpot at NYC Gingham Bonanza

"It was like Grand Central Station in there..." is an expression that is as old as Gingham. Here we combine the two.

12th July, Twenty-Twelve (New York F'ing City, NY) This past week NYC has been getting ready for the 2012 International Gingham Convention. We sent our rugged reporter Annie Hunting down to the Big Granny Smith on the Hudson to keep track of the uprising. Sit back and enjoy NYC without all the hassle of actually going there.

Foodies have been flocking to the Smorgasbord in Brooklyn once word got around...
However, once the Media catches wind of a foodie hotspot, the Gingham starts to fly...

And next thing you know, the world is beating a path to your door.
More Gingham in the hottest chicken joint in Brooklyn.

Never too chicken to cross the road in Brooklyn-style [large check] Gingham

The Flea Market in Gingham, um we mean Brooklyn.

rooftopfilms have a fest each year. Ok, all right, pretty much every week. It just means you need more Gingham [see here].

The Rock, the paper, the Gingham... Gingham is the one garment you can wear without giving a toss at how much of a tourist you look (check the guy in stripes--total amateur; whereas our rockin' fella has thrown in that soul air of Rockefeller's sole heir to the throne).

Brooklyn Museum is currently hosting a Keith Haring Exhibit, or something. Yay! Look, another Haring T-Shirt. We were only interested in the Gingham.
Bryant Park is over-run with art sellers around Christmastime. During the summer, the Gingham-Getters take back the space.
Montreal represents: Gingham from the Mountain Island City holding it's own with the best of 'em in Bryant Park.
[All photos courtesy of Annie Hunting]


"Ok, ok, that's enough, we ain't the public infoymation soyvice."
We said you wouldn't have to bother going all the way to NYC to get that Manhattan feeling. Here we have Matt and Andy up from NYC showing us their terrific taste in Gingham on Blvd. St-Laurent. Poor Annie having to go all that way, when right under our nose, right here in Montreal, we got the best New York has to offer.

Meanwhile... Montreal International Jazz Fest Gets the Gingham

Music Fests are exhausting. Sometimes you just need to sit aside and let the Gingham do the watching.

Chromeo was the hometown hero... his fans came out largely to speak very loudly to one another. The ones who were there for the music, they wore Gingham.

Another Chromeo fan gives us the go-ahead to publicize his image for the Gingham Nation.

Our favourite Get-of-the-night. Malika let us snatch this pic of her purse outside Metropolis where The Goods were playing. Excuse me? The Goods? It's Malika who's Got The Goods with this incredible payment plan she's got in hand for all her pricey purchases.

Got any more Gingham? Send it to

Today's caption "Live... from New York!" is a total rip-off from that big show they do 'live' down there in NYC.

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