Friday, October 28, 2011

Talibah Gets Us Under Her Gingham Spell

What would you want more, a trick or trachea? Who cares, Talibah's got Gingham.
28th October, 2011 (Montreal) While most Wiccans regard the dress-up parties and spectacles associated with the onset of Halloween as a bit of a sacrilege, we at Got Gingham also find ourselves in a quandary when it comes to the appropriation of our beloved textile pattern.Take a pause and watch Talibah here who is celebrating All Hallow's Eve with a traditional Black and Banshee Pink Gingham Bela Lugosi Special while waving around a skull of some sort. The epaulettes alone prove her ranking as one of Le Plateau's style icons, inspiring copycats in every alleyway.
But it's too bad we can't see her beautiful face, such is the human sacrifice we make here in our efforts to jump on the Halloween Bandwagon and capitalize on the vibe in order to spread the word on Gingham.
It's worth pointing out that the wider culture is currently in a major wave of enthusiasm for the ghoulish and spectral, note the rise in popularity of TV shows like True Blood [see here] and all that Zombie nonsense [see here]. Five years ago you would have to stab us in the neck and drag us to watch any of this camp horror folklore kitsch. Now the poets have got hold of the genre and we are starting to see 'High Art' breaking out. So here's to Talibah showing us the High Art of looking cool, while giving us the chills...  Ask your friends to stare at this pic for at least 30 seconds: it has an in-built spell that will convince you to go out and get some Gingham.

Chictopia is Running Gingham out of Town on a Rail

Chictopia is a paradise of Gingham [See here].

Candid Shot of NYC-Style Gingham on the streets of Montreal
Nobody can corner you if you've got Gingham.

If you are partying on Halloween, make sure your DJ wears Gingham:

DJ Daisy wearing Gingham before the Dubai Dubfest.

Credit: Laura Byrnes Photography and Gingham
Problem with most Halloween party costumes is they generally look terrible years later in photos--full tacky make-up, one-off cultural references and monsters who don't look the least bit frightening. Don't believe us? Then go check out any random album on fb entitled 'Halloween,' it's next to the album 'Leaving Party' or 'Graduation.' See, you've already un-tagged yourself. What's more, talking through a mask, or trying to imbibe when strapped inside a giant box of Cracker Jack (or whatever) totally cramps your style. The only costume that seems to ever come out good in the later Halloween photos are the sexy girl costumes. Think about it: you're already a sexy girl, you put on a sexy girl costume and what do you look like? A sexy girl. Interestingly, Halloween is the one time when proto-feminists and those who consider the subjugation of the female form to be the last exit to hell can feel totally liberated to dress this way. If you do, please make it in Gingham.

Got any Gingham? Send it to

Just for fun, here's one from Eva Blue:

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