Monday, October 31, 2011

Neil before Jamie the King of Percalle!

Rialto means 'Royal' in some Latin language. Percalle* means royalty in every language.
October is breast cancer month.
31st October, 2011 (Montreal) The Rialto Theatre in Montreal is a Grande Old Dame so what better place to celebrate Halloween with us tonight where they are showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Or so we're told...  We don't have time to confirm it so here's Neil and Jamie in their Gingham outside the Theatre two weeks ago. Jamie has opted for the Classic Coral Red Fine-hatch Kiwi-Style standby while Neil is in full form with Gunship Grey Gingham. Proof that beautiful women fly into your arms whenever you wear this stuff is rarely required, but for those of you new to this site, please notice Rachel bringing even more glamour to the proceedings. We even got Jamie to give us a close-up of  his Fine-hatch for our experts to pour over later. This Halloween, not only do we hope you had lots of sweets and treats but you got the chance to prance around in your Gingham.

"If ever I had a kid I'd name him Gingham"
Kid's in Gingham: "He's just a step away, he's just a step away..."
Gingham in the Streets of Montreal

"I'm hot, and when I'm not, I'm cold as ice
 Halloween is the one night of the year when wearing Gingham gives you a free pass to not joining in on the vagaries of costume building. It's a wonderful time for the kiddies, but sometimes you just want to be a man. Or a woman. If you already are a man or a woman and want to be a man or a woman, then you don't need a costume.  You get yourself some Gingham.
"So get outa my way, just step aside, or pay the price."

As you can hear, we've got ourselves an AC/DC fan, singing the words to "Problem Child" as he walks through the streets of Montreal. Not only has he got great taste in shirtage, but he's got a great memory for old 70's Halloween singalongs.

Autumn Bears its Gingham Head

All the leaves are brown but the sky is Gingham...

Even if you're bald, we'd recommend it.
And if you have beautiful hair and don't want to cover it entirely with a wooly hat made of Gingham, do what our special guest Tine does: the Alice band. Straight from Berlin, this rocking chick agreed to show off her locks to the rest of the Got Gingham family. In Montreal to instill in us a bit of the Ich bin ein Berliner vibe, Tine has already had a massive impact on the local art scene. Check out Tine's NYC-style Haarband she scored in some sketchy Eastern Section of the German Capital, pretty much stopping an entire film screening at the Blue Sunshine Theatre so everybody could get a closer look. Watch this space for more contributions, she is here for but a limited time!

*percalle=Gingham in Italian (proving most languages consider it important enough to have their own word for it).
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