Friday, October 7, 2011


"Yeh, I'm anti-Social Networking." Sorry but Gingham has been around long before the Intertoob.
7th October, 2011 (Montreal) This post is dedicated to all those Gingham Getters who have agreed to share their Gingham. Today outside Cafe Olympico in the Mile End we met a guy in Gingham and asked to take his picture. His immediate answer was "No, I'm anti-Social Networking," which is cool. But listen, this thing called Got Gingham isn't about Social Networking.
Our meeting was more medieval than that. There I was crossing the village square and talking to him in live conversation. I was asking him about his Gingham, a pattern with which he was not even familiar. It's about awareness, folks.
Doods, if you walk around in DREADLOCKS and a Rasta comes up to you, you better know the legacy you are imparting, although it's hard to part the hair with dreadlocks.
Same with Gingham. This man said with a derisive manner that he was anti-Social Networking, but how many people had come up to him today and asked in plain sunlight a question to him with breath that he could feel against the newspaper he was reading? I can guarantee he's gueugled us right away... Our suspicion is that he was anti the fact that he'd be supplying copy for free, as opposed to having us 'work hard for it.'
For those who missed the beginning of this "blog:"
It is an art project, an investigation into a phenomenon and proof that you can reference just about any cultural tie-in to something so simple as this curious pattern. It has absolutely nothing to do with electronics and my clear voice across the foggy blue air if I ever come up and ask you if you have ever heard of Gingham is proof enough of that. And it isn't free, this going around town asking people to be contributors. I could be twiddling my hair instead, which I am addicted to doing in my time off work.

The whole scene was rather droll, considering he was reading a Newspaper (remember them?) which I used to write for. Just glad he wasn't anti-newspaper,  because like any old hack, I love the old time feel of a Newspaper and those ads sure helped pay for my popcorn back then. Incidentally, if I am with a group of friends or co-workers, I never get refused. So that's why I want to welcome you to my gang. Thanks Gingham Getters, you know what you're wearing, why you're wearing it, and what you're doing in it. It's about the Gingham, not the Get.

Got Gingham? Then go stuff yourself. Or if you have a sense of humour or understanding of the important mantle you are carrying send your gingham gets to

GOT GINGHAM IS FREE. You can give it away yet the words keep coming.

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