Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tara Makes Easy Work for Most-Glamourous-Couple Voters.

We made Tara laugh during the shoot. She only let us take one pic. They had fashion to attend to.
5th October, 2011 (Montreal) While Wall Street becomes a place noted for where people actually walk, we hit the streets looking for new faces to grace the pages of Got Gingham. From a mile away we could see Tara's flowing skirt and disarming stride transmitting an air of grace and gentility. We just had to ask for her autograph. Of course she's not that famous in Montreal like she is in Korea, but now Tara's on Got Gingham everybody is going to know about her. Finally we are seeing on these shores more and more designers working Gingham into their patterns while leaving us open to guesswork. Here is an example taken off a placard from the Ambiguous Movement* of the Sixties where we see more than one guage of Gingham being used. In fact we have several. Breathtaking. But remember, you can only pick up this kind of skirt in Korea. As for a boyfriend, well once you get a skirt like this you'll be able to pick one up just about anywhere!

Girls Go For Gingham.

Dress for success or if your life's in a mess, Gingham works every time.

And if you're just on your way to the other side:

The sky might be grey, but the Gingham life is easy.

And this submitted off Candid Paparazzi:

Europe looks so much more interesting to visit when you've got Gingham.

Got any more to submit?
Send your Gingham Gets to

Hoops are out. Gingham? Sign right here and get this deal done.
UPDATE: LeBron James is in the news about the current NBA contract talks. Somebody in management better get some Gingham or the Union's gonna win this one.

*Nobody's really sure about this Textile Craft Movement.

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