Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Can't Play the Gingham Blues If you Ain't Paid your Gingham Do's

Got an All Girl Rock Band? Better get some Gingham (photo lifted from Californication, season 3).

8th March, Twenty-Twelve (Montreal) It's International Woman's Day here at Got Gingham so we decided we had better do something about it. Rather than put some guy in drag and be done with it, we sourced real women for today's edition. Why do we need International Woman's Day, you might ask? Haven't we come a long way, baby?
Perhaps you've heard of the Bechtel Test? In order for a Hollywood Movie to pass this test [see here], there must be at some point in the script where two of the female characters have dialog that doesn't have anything to do with the other male characters nor can there be a male character in the scene. In this year's Oscars, only The Help, Bridesmaids and Midnight in Paris passed the test. Think about it... many of us don't even realize how mainstream culture presents women to us. In the case of Hollywood, it seems we only ever see women portrayed as those who care about the deadbeats and players with whom they are sharing screen time.
Or perhaps you like art. OK, name four world famous household-name male painters off the top of your head. No problem... I can think of Gauguin, Picasso, Renoir and Blake and that was as easy as being asked to name four letters in the alphabet.
Now name four world famous household-name female painters off the top of your head. Easy... Georgia O'Keefe, Emily Carr, that Frida person, you know--the woman who married what's his name, the Mexican guy Rivera... and then... and then... See? Who is the fourth most famous female painter in the world?
So yeah, we may have come a long way, baby, and although there is a lot of Gingham being shared equally between the sexes and the genders and the gerunds, we've still got a long way to go, mister.

Girls gotta ROCK! And They Rock in Gingham:

"I know, it's only Montreal but I like it, like it like it..."
Gingham is your ticket to Rock Camp immortality.
Madeleine Martin can rock out all she likes in Gingham for TEEVEE,  but Rock Camp for Girls [see here] is doing the real thing. And they ain't talking about their boyfriends during the tune-ups. (Thanks to Jenny at Fashionmademefunky [see here] for the terrific Rock Camp for Girl's photos)

March of the springtime Gingham cont...

International Gingham's Day is everyday.
Female and wondering around Afghanistan? Protect yourself in Gingham (Photo: Clayton Esteton).

She's whispering to her friend  "Let's go bicycle fishing in our Gingham." (Photo: Denis Vignault)

Take you're blinders off, certainly. But keeping your ears warm is another matter entirely:
Fashion Fact: Avenue Mont-Royal in Montreal is where you go to buy Three-eyed Newt earmuffs, if that's what you're into.


"I'm having what she's havin'."
Check out our friend waiting for his woman to meet him for breakfast. Is he worried? Will he be stood-up? Is she backing out of the LTR they got going on? Is there trouble in paradise? Has he been treating her the way a woman needs to be treated? Like, you know, with respect, empathy and understanding. Is he like, say, a good listener? Does he, you know, give her the space she needs and does he take her seriously? Do they have, what-d'you-call it, an equal voice in the rello? Who knows? Nobody asked the guy. All we really know for sure, is that he's Got Gingham. However, that's a great sign.

 Today's caption "Equality and Respect" has been brought to you by the National Organization of Women and the lips of Abraham Lincoln.
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