Monday, September 12, 2011


2011 Toronto Int'l Moovie Fest UPDATE : Projecting Gingham is the best way to get past all the pesky talent-handlers.
12th September, 2011 (Montreal) Folks, right now Toronto is the place to be. Just about every journalist with half an 'in' is pushing their toes between doors with an effort to catch the wave of gliteratti that have descended on the city. We're talking about TIFF (see here). Apparently for many 'Tonians this annual exercise in star gazing is just another blip on the calendar of leading a full life in what Chicagoans refer to as "The Nice Version of Us" and as such, it's another day at the office, or cafe. But what a life! Check out Joe here on College Street, making a call to Steve Cronenberg or Karen Varnasse or somebody... Notice how the other person on the far end is happy to receive this call. Most people get fobbed off by the A-listers (even the C-listers) during this very busy period as directors and actors hustle around trying to line up more Gingham for next year. Not our man Joe. You see, Joe's got Gingham and if you're familiar with film directors' and actors' temperaments when they are in need of a fix, can you imagine their reaction when they receive this image as an MMS? Right about now, Joe's the most popular man in town, and we haven't even started counting his real friends yet.


"Whatchoo looking at?" "Whatchoo think I'm looking at?" "All right, come outside, let's take care of this." Snap!


Gingham never retires. It works till the death and a dignified burial.
Collette, one of our correspondents from France has sent in this farewell shot of some  Vichy that for one reason or another, had to be let go. Sometimes folks, you just gotta fire your Gingham. Sometimes it's just not working for you and a good hard conversation is required. In other cases, even that doesn't go down well and the Gingham has to be shown the door. In this case Collette has made the admirable option of offering it a place in a charity shop rather than just shoving onto the streets to fend for itself. Don't be worried about this Gingham, somebody is sure to find use for it. In almost all cases, if you've been given the sack, they've actually done you a favour. At least this Gingham was let go with a bit of dignity intact. Thanks Collette. Time to get some more Gingham!

Now Toronto Gingham has no place to hide.
Thanks to our new correspondent Alex, our QUEEN CITY GINGHAM GETTER who is covering TIFF and the Toronto Gingham Scene.
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