Monday, September 26, 2011


Nigel plays guitar, but mostly he wears Gingham. Meanwhile his fans follow suit.
Nigel kindly permitted close-up for our fans, and his.
26th September, 2011 (Montreal) pop montreal (see here) just wrapped up (although there are tons of echoes reverberating). These are the guys who brought us puces pop (see here). This year was a major peak for the fest with the free show in the Quartier Spectacles courtesy of Arcade Fire. For the first time we noticed obvious packs of tourists specially in town for what has now become one of the premier international music conventions known to man.

Nigel's stage look: Gingham.
We care enough about music here at Got Gingham to turn up and check out the sounds and there certainly are some interesting new forms letting loose to keep the kids buzzing. More importantly we were on the march for what was being worn and sure enough, this year pop montrealers did not let us down. Here's Nigel from the band Cherry Chapstick which we guess means they dig Yo La Tengo or something. Frankly I found the band kind of similar to Wire Train (see here) under the influence of 20 more years of rock history, but what do we know? Nigel is wearing a Fine Hatch Blue-n-White Appalachian Classic before he jumps on stage to try and keep the fans of the preceding band (Sweet Mother Logic) interested in their moves. Not to worry! Cherry Chapstick has fans of their own, and more importantly, they were bringing on the Gingham (see last and next post).

Meanwhile, I guess we have Austin to look forward to for the next Gingham Love-Rising, but for now, wish Nigel and the rest of his band a fond farewell as they set off down the Gingham Highway for that winner-takes-all rumble called Rock and Roll.

pop montreal BRINGS IN THE BIG GUNS:

Pop Montreal tourists saving their money and their Gingham for the nighttime.

More cross street action:

Some people came with tickets, others with key chains on belt loops. The best came in Gingham.

Mapping out a course to pop montreal:

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Got Gingham!

Sometimes you just gotta double up!

Multiple Gingham patterns mash up on Blvd. St-Laurent.

Did you pop in on Montreal and bring your Gingham? Send it to

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