Thursday, September 15, 2011


Drop-shadow Gingham is being peddled as the Genuine Article to unsuspecting Newbies.
Hip to hip-sisters but are they Hip to the Gingham?
15th September, 2011 (Montreal) We are halfway through the month so it's time to show off Montreal Street Style to the world. We promise we still have lots of personal profiles to bring you, we're just waiting for the releases to come through. For now, lets contemplate the mid month as the shadows lengthen and the weather changes. Autumn and Spring are all about transition and metamorphosis. Accept that things will change, they always say. It's true, learning to let go and move forward and carry on are the hallmarks of the path to wisdom, but  is it necessarily the case that all things must change?
For instance take the fact there will always be a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, something which the fashion industry won't let you forget. Yet in amongst all the hoopla of promoting one trend over another over the course of a cycle, no matter what you do to it, you cannot change Gingham. As soon as you adulterate the pattern with a pinstripe or drop-shadow it becomes plaid. As soon as you start adding marmalade it becomes tartan. Which means, like others in recovery, we must also accept the things we cannot change.
It is for this reason how Gingham has become a symbol of elemental purity, aspirational comfort and a basic standard of common sense. Notice how it can also be worn in all four seasons. Plus ça change... but not Gingham.

HERE'S HOW IT'S DONE: On the March with the Montreal Gingham Liberation Front
Got Gingham, and even has the bag strap that's now so in.

Raining champion of Gingham Street Style:

Gingham makes umbrellas superfluous.

You won't find this down the Army Surplus:

Is it a tree? Is it a bench? Gingham is perfect camouflage.

 Red backpack adds to innovative ensemble:

Hats are back in circulation. Gingham has always been.


If your Gingham has pinstripes or drop-shadows, being gorgeous might just save you.

Got any gingham? Send your gets to

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