Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adamant about Gingham.

Everybody ought to bring the Financial Times to a Graffiti Festival, or at least wear Gingham.
1st September, 2011 (Montreal) It will soon be Christmas and we'll have to be flying south for some of our Gingham Gets or at least relying on our friends down there to submit stuff, but just because it's September doesn't mean there isn't still time to Get out in our Gingham. We caught Adam at the Under Pressure Graffiti festival a few weeks back, but trust us, the weather was about the same as today. He stuck out a mile away in this green J. Crew Long Islander even with all the graffiti in the way. Not one to mince words, Adam said he only gets his Gingham from J. Crew or some other company that frankly we got too distracted by the Graffiti to recall. Happy to spend his time learning more and more about the world around us, Adam is a student of Art, Science and whatever the other subject is. Wait, of course, there is only one other subject worthy of deep intellectual study and it's Got Gingham.

Some people sure got scribbled on:

"I said, paint anywhere  you want except my Gingham."
While others were happy not to wear that hat that everybody else is wearing:

Come Christmas, those pork-pie hats will be history. Gingham is forever.

Yes, Gingham is a proven Chick Magnet.

Send your Gets to

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Pascale, our diagnostician comparing Fine Hatch Gingham.

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