Monday, September 19, 2011

Brendan's Got Gingham Bermuda-Style!

19th September, 2001 (Montreal) We are nearing the equinox, which means it's time to profile somebody who is equal parts day, equal parts night. Meet Brendan, standing on the dock in the bare of night in his Gingham. By day he works hard to keep this country running. By night he works hard to keep the party alive. Known for his easy laid-back attitude, Brendan has found the perfect fit for this persona in a Dark and Light Grey Docksider often called a "Dark and Stormy" or "Bermuda Style" by old-school Gingham collectors owing to the interplay between white and darker shades. Talking of shades, Brendan wears his at night just to remind you of how hard he works in the daytime. Thanks Brendan, you are inspiring all of us to accept more social invitations and still get up in the morning the next day. In our Gingham.

Quick Throwback to August's 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival:

Morning in Millenium Park shows the first sign of the Gingham uprising.

Chicago-Style Gingham on the Miracle Mile:

Wrigley's and Gingham go hand in hand.

Spot the Leader:

To walk the Miracle Mile in Gingham: the quintessential Chicago experience.

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