Friday, September 30, 2011


761 Queen Street West is an easy address to find. Just look for Garnet there, wearing his Gingham, bearing his heart.
QCGG: Gotcha Journalism is her forte.
Gingham Friday 30th September, 2011 (Montreal) Our Queen City Gingham Getter has been doing the rounds of the Urban Horseshoe and aren't we lucky to have on board our man Garnet who is only too happy to bear his treasured chest for all you fans of Got Gingham. What you see here is an Erie Blue Patched-Pocket Shoreliner of the type your Uncle would wear during his halcyon days (although our forensic expert has identified it as coming from Diesel & Co). For all you Got Gingham fans, the halcyon days are still with us, seeing Garnet live it up big with a V-Neck T only somebody with inkwork to match like this could pull off. Garnet proves the Lakeside Style is making its own wave and all we can do is try and keep our heads above water to catch up.  Almost has us singing "Ee-eye-ee-adio let's all move to Ontario."

Food is more than just fuel. Gingham is more than just a textile.

Stripes might be au goût du jour, but Gingham should always be on the menu.

The glass is always half full when you've got Gingham.


Did you know? "A"  also stands for Gingham.
So this big movie with Brad Pitt is making a big splash. Moneyball. All about the Oakland A's famous 2002 baseball season, underdogs overcoming the odds, etc. In much of the literature the media are running a shot of the coach from the real team of that era--guy by the name of Charlie Finley. What's upsetting is they keep calling him renowned for his "Houndstooth Hat." CNN sent us this shot, we just had to run it. The Gingham Liberation Front is here to make amends for this grave example of disinformation in the media.

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