Sunday, September 11, 2011


Fact: Gingham tells important people that you are working harder. Across all fields, Gingham will boost margins.
11th September, 2011 (Montreal) Let's celebrate Forgiveness Day with a special appearance from Guillaume sporting what in Britain they refer to as a Cloth Cap (see here) while North Americans prefer to call it a Flat Cap. Whatever, our man Guillaume scored this Working Class Wonder of Fine Hatch Gingham in Japan, where the sun rises first and the ethic is 'Let's get to work!' So what better way to encapsulate the working man than what Guillaume has happening here--a salute to the good old times when your lady knew you'd been staying out of trouble what with being tied down to the job all day and your bow-tie still looking the same way as it did when you left in the morning. What's a hard working stiff going to do to lighten the load? What just about any intelligent, artful man of the world would do--he'd be like Guillaume here and fetch himself some Gingham. Fortunately, you don't have to go all the way to Japan to look for a job and thankfully due to modern conveniences, you can get your Gingham within a half mile of the house you are currently living in. Thanks Guillaume, you've taken us back in time and across the world to Japan today, but that's the magic when you got Gingham.


"Listen, I'm busy working here. But do whatcha gotta do... Yeah, yeah, I know, it's Gingham."

 The Streets of Montreal filled with Gingham:
Why did the Gingham cross the road? To get to work on more Gingham, obviously.

And in the Parks...

It ain't a picnic if you ain't Got Gingham. Perhaps they're working, anyway.

 And Back on the Streets Again:

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