Monday, December 19, 2011

Malcolm Brings Gingham Greetings on the Road to Philly

Cream Cheese? Check. Cheesesteak napkin? Check. Cheese-ball comedy humour? Check. Beautiful female side-kick? Check. Check? Yes please! Of course, Malcolm always pays, with Gingham.
19th December, 2011 (Montreal) Crazy Gingham Getters are just getting back from the NYC International Gingham Convention after a full week of celebration but that doesn't mean you aren't going to see a lot of them out on the road in the next few days. Take Malcolm here, humming the word "Cheese," wrapped up in his Appalachian Gingham Lumber Jack Roadster, ready to hit the Jersey Turnpike as part of the Great Montreal-Philadelphia Gingham Connection. An alliance between these two cities already exists in more ways than one: joint hatred of the Boston Bruins; French Cultural and Political Influence; creative, intelligent, breathtakingly-beautiful women and the fact Philly and the Mountain Island City both kinda feel a bit similar to each other.
So it's not a great wonder to find Malcolm here only too ready to keep the ties that bind ever strengthened. (Now that we have officially set up a deal with Rueben Harley [see here] we'll be getting a mountain of Gingham from Philadelphia.)
OK, it does happen to be the holiday period so perhaps we're capitalizing on the fact Malcolm needs to do some time behind the kitchen sink and keep the home fires burnin', as anybody who loves his mother is prepared to do if it means free room and board in Philadelphia. Think about it though, the first thing Malcolm's mother's going to see is this explosion of Gingham, as he walks in the door. What a gift. Thanks Malcolm.

More Philadelphia Gingham:

South Street Philly is a lively urban space with more murals per square mile than any other pedestrian zone in America and as many artists after NYC, Silver Lake and The Southside of Chicago. The entrance to the district is emblazoned in Gingham. If somebody hadn't beaten me to it, I'd start a restaurant of my own here and make Gingham the basic motif. This is now my Official Second Home folks [see here].

Livin' for the first of December.

Talkin' of Philly Style

 Here is notre ami Arnaud, 
modelling a Philly Style Dropshadow 
Gingham which is now all the rage.
Philadelphia's contribution to textile design,
haircuts and moustaches is known the
world over. Arnaud comes from Paris,
so therefore it must be true.

Iron-barred stronghold: In Philly, they take their Gingham seriously.

Market Street has long been the source of Gingham ever since the Dutch began to arrive several centuries ago. Traders opened the first ever U.S. Stock Exchange around the corner from where this shot was taken and finally put Philadelphia on the map: the site of the first American Gingham Getter. These strollers along Market Street would not have exactly been called hip cats back then or anything, but they certainly had a few new ideas in how to run a scene, and get things hap'nin'.


Free Love Fenner stuck their neck out last weekend to allow us to snap Peter again, wearing his staple Gingham Celebration Shirt.
You heading off home for the holidays? Don't forget to please your folks and wear your Gingham. Staying home alone? With Gingham, you're never alone. Send us your gets:

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