Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 New York International Gingham Convention Is All Ears

Getting ready to roll: Chicago-style Gingham invades the Streets of the Five Boroughs.

The hat tells only half the story. Gingham says it all.
 13th December, 2011 (New York Ging'am City, Man) Got Gingham is excited to bring you extensive coverage of the 2011 NYIGC held in Times Square this past weekend. From Philadelphia to the Philippines, Boston to Botswana and even some guy via Antarctica they came for the massive event. As usual the veritable ARMY of local resident Santa Clauses dressed up as elves and sagittarian reindeer as if on the way to brunch with their buddies caused some free confusion. Since most of these holiday hipsters were indeed on their way to brunch all dressed up with somewhere very cool in mind with their tenement/loft-mates. But who are we, as free standing ushers of the Gingham Generation if we weren't to applaud these youths who combine this only-in-NYC quirk of going gonzo for red bobble hats and Pinocchio shoes with the solid standing of good Gingham during a hearty breakfast after a night on the town? Gotta thank Adam here for giving the Gift of Gingham. If you could love us here, you'd love us anywhere!

Were you at the Convention? Did you make it to Union Square for the rendez-vous? Otherwise you'd have had to catch us out at Coney Island with the rest of the worriers. OK, so you got Gingham? Send it to gotgingham@gmail.com

Much more to come!

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