Friday, December 2, 2011

Amber Goodwyn's Got Gingham

"Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the Gingham in my mind..."

2nd December, 2011 (Montreal) There's still lots of profiles to post here at Got Gingham, unfortunately we are now into our the third week of our industrial dispute with our writers. In the meantime there's still plenty of Gingham to go around. Here we have Amber Goodwyn in a Prairie Red Gingham Surprise worn during the summer time and lifted off her wonderful website [see here]. As things chill down towards the holidays, seeing this luscious pic from warmer days makes us all excited for next summer. Thanks to Amber Goodwyn and another major contribution to the Gingham Nation.

More Montreal Street Scenes From Last Summer

Drop-shadow Philadelphia-Style Gingham is becoming more and more acceptable.

Exposing his affiliation for Gingham

As things cool down, thicker-twill Gingham comes out in droves.

And then it warms up again...

Amazing that in November, some Montrealers are warm enough in just Gingham.

These Streets were made for Gingham

Concordia University students coming back from Gingham 101.

Thanks to for getting this great shot of Gingham from the makers of Ribbon Pig [see more here].

Geekorner is a refreshing francophone website on  geek culture.

Studying Gingham? Send us your gingham to

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