Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maddie's Got Gingham In the Garden of England

What's the point in having gorgeous cheeks if you ain't got no Gingham?
Maddies' dad has brought her up well.
22nd December, 2011 (Montreal) For the past two weeks or so it's been NYC this, Philadelphia that, Brooklyn all of the above and of course Montreal center and foremost in the Gingham Nation. However, let's not forget our friends across the ocean who are holding up the standard. Right now we've got Maddie winging it in a Special Pink Gingham Mac with Faux Bunny Trim sourced directly in the UK. Look at her ball control as she sizes up her chances before taking a shot on goal. There is no question the ball went in the net with a get-up like this as Maddie parades around the Garden of England. Technically the Garden of England is in Kent, whereas this shot happened to have been taken over the county boundary in Surrey, but from where we are, oh, what's a few miles when it comes to Gingham? Seeing as Maddie's mother happens to be one of my many dear sisters, I guess that makes me her favourite uncle... Being a kid's favourite uncle is a tough job and requires standards in and of itself. One rule I stick to is to let all the others slide, as long as my niece wears Gingham.

Vichy de France:
It's not just celebrities who worry about garbage snoops.
Patrick, our correspondent in France wants us to say goodbye to a few of his special babies... Remember back in September how we brought you shots of his Gingham being sent to the thrift store? Well, here is more Gingham getting recycled which is something we encourage all you Getters to engage in. Remember, you can recycle Gingham as much as you can recycle memories. Nostalgia is a nasty sickness however, making park benches the world over staging grounds for stories about the old days in the motherland. Ignoring whatever else I learned in Doctor School, treat this, or any ailment for that matter, with some new or nearly-new Gingham.

hAvenue Mont-Royal is Window Shopping Paradise

Get this: Gingham patterns are going to make for a LONG HOT WINTER.

More Montreal Street Style

Blvd St-Laurent in Montreal celebrates the Solstice in Gingham.

CAFÉ Neve's Got Gingham again!

It's OK to have a crush on the girl who works behind the counter, her livelihood depends on her being agreeable to you, just don't crush the Gingham.

Got a crush on the girl at Cafe Neve? That's ok, so does everybody. Got Gingham? Send it to

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