Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When dealing with those who work with Gingham, the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing.

Real work. Real style. Real Gingham.
7th December, 2011 (Montreal) As we enter the 4th week of the 2011 Got Gingham writers' strike it is with great pleasure that we have come to an agreement with the prols and can now move forward and start including the great content our writers are known for. But for now, management is still taking the reigns and doing its best to furnish more Gingham for all you Gingham Getters. Thank goodness for our contact Noah who sent this pic in of his colleagues Will and Brian. Yes they got the memo. See they realized to succeed in life, work and play you need to have some kind of purpose. They also realized that community and connection is one of the few human inventions that sustain us during all those long hours slogging at the office. So it is no surprise that they emailed each other the day before with some kind of line like "Let's come in to the office in style tomorrow. Let's really show these people we work with how much can be done, if only a little communication were to flow." And presto! Noah has secured a prized pick that would be welcome on that other website did you get the memo?
Fortunately for us we have got first dibs on this perfect pair of Eighth Wave Gingham before the rest of the internet gets hold of it. Thanks Will and Brian, you guys are doing a great job for the Gingham Nation.

More "Did you get the Memo?" shots [please see here for more]

"Jenny B., Gillian K., and the seemingly Twitterless Susannah F" running an entire company in Gingham.

"@chrisharihar & @kenbruno, marginally matchy in B&W" but it's still Gingham.

"Ad Featuring TheREALBigKrit, who is no longer with us… at the agency, not in the world… and Chris Harihar, keeper of spare vests in the office and haver of an amazing Twitter background" according to Did the memo? But all we know is they got Gingham.

Looks like Did You Get the memo? doesn't know what gingham is: "Keenan and Anthony from San Francisco’s Swirl Integrated Market were both CC’d on the red plaid (is it gingham? what, really, distinguishes plaid from gingham?) button down memo."


Philly's Street Gazing's Rueben Harley [see here] captures the toast of the town. In Gingham.

And for our Lovers of all things French--get ready for our next installment from l'Hexagone sent to

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