Monday, June 27, 2011


A picture's worth a thousand hits to our website
27th June, 2011 (Montreal)--Introducing our first female Gingham Getter! Meet Shevon, who was quite happy to share with us this vision of perfect Blue Gingham in the sunshine. Caught having a daydream on the steps of Place Bonaventure, she is now taking part in ours. Just thankful enough that Shevon would agree to be a personality for our Street Scenes Feature, I am afraid I never asked so have no idea where this fancy number comes from. Note how the pockets go off at Forty Five°, which is why this cut is often referred to as a Forty Five amongst  the purist Gingham Getters. Generally it's the cowboy-style designers who opt for this orientation of the pockets, whereas dress shirts tend to have the pockets aligned. Either way, Shevon (not pronounced "Syo-ban") has Got Gingham and that's more than enough for us. If I bump into her again I'll see if she'll let us know where to score some more.

Meanwhile, here is an example of the Sea of Gingham submitted to us the day before St-Jean Baptiste last week:

Those who get it are sending their pics to

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