Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gingham in the Nick of Time

Argot Gingham!
26th June, 2011 (Montreal) Whoa--almost ran out of material. Luckily today's Got Gingham Getter is Nicholas Garnier St-Aubin who just came back from Paris and Poland with this triple-tone TKO Not Gingham shirt nobody else in town can get their hands on. Here we see Nicholas  moonlighting as a special agent for the capitalist system, when in real life most people know him as the Montreal Branch Manager of the Quebecois Arsenal  F.C. Supporters Club.

Fond of travel, sport, politics and of course nice long walks and quiet nights at home next to the fire with an intelligently written book and somebody cuddly, Nick is also a man about town, ready for action and can keep the party going till the early light just by talking in a North Paris Ghetto accent as a joke. Basically he's a do-it-all, as generations of the St-Aubin clan have proved before him. But what's the point of being a renaissance man who does everything? Most people don't care what you do, they just care what you got. Luckily for us, Nick's Got Gingham.

Why go to Paris for your Gingham, when Paris will come to you?
Meanwhile talking of North Paris Ghettos, I passed this 2cv last night ready to take a 'fake' gingham shot pretending the car was actually in France, when some guy called Guillaume came screaming down the street marveling at the sight of this Dolly from his home province in France. The '94' in the license plate number signifies his region, which is what got him so excited. Apparently it's the region of suburbs that surround Paris, but I just couldn't get his North Paris Ghetto accent. My first assumption was that he wanted to start burning it. Since he's almost Got Gingham, and I'm modeling my new Gingham Flannel Grunge Revival shirt bought for $3 last week in a street sale, let's go to the outskirts of Paris together and talk in our North Paris Ghetto Argot in our Gingham.

Guillaume's not the only Gingham Getter, here is a sweet little window display on Blvd. St-Laurent that is cashing in on our weakness for pink, I mean Gingham:
Grab that cloth and make a slit in it to wear as a poncho
Send your gingham gets to

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