Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stand Up And Be Counted!

Overpaid Supermodel
14th June, 2011 (Montreal)--Today's GotGingham street scene is the famous Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. Here we have a Census Bureau Officer going around town counting people so we can figure out how much Gingham we need to make on an annual basis. He refused to give his name, but was happy to be a part of the next generation of Not Gingham Getters. Notice the delicate stitching of his shirt, and the three colours making it an Official Not Gingham item. They must earn a fortune as Census Bureau Officers, going by the twill. I'm all for the rounding up of the population and figuring out demographics so we can distribute resources and target places in need more accurately. However, I filled out the Census, and I checked out his forms, and there is really no big differential save for your sex, mother tongue and place of birth. It used to have all sorts of detailed questions about ethnic background. Next Census, if we do our job here correctly, they'll have the question that really only matters to anybody at all: Got Gingham?

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