Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Taking the Mickey Out Of Gingham

Partisan or Red Star? Who cares, Miomir's GOT GINGHAM!

23rd June, St-Jean Baptiste Eve, 2011 (Montréal)--Today I had enormous difficulty landing a Got Gingham shot for all you Got Gingham Getters. Just as I would see somebody in Gingham, I'd lose them. I came back to HQ dispondent, then I remembered our new email inbox and find this pic from one of the Got Gingham Getters who follow this page. Quoted with the attachment came the following words: "Young Serbian named Miomir (Mickey) with a Gingham-lined dress shirt attending a fancy banquet for the CACUSS Conference, T-dot, 2011" Sorry I can't confirm the provenance of this shirt, but considering Mickey's flying the mighty Serbian Flag in the form of a True Orthodox Gingham Collar-Cuff Combo (to borrow a Boxing term) we might as well claim it comes from behind the goal of Red Star Belgrade where the home fans stand.

Our contributor Anurag Dhir sent this Gingham Get to

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