Saturday, June 18, 2011

The People are Taking To the Streets

Fashion Riot: Red, White and Blue Official Not Gingham
Pierre: Let's go to a Stoning
Doing his bit to help suppress Vancouver Real Estate prices: careful inspection shows the man in the distance has Got Gingham!

18th June, 2011 (Montreal)--In light of the radical street behavour in Vancouver after their hockey team did something to upset everybody, Got Gingham hit the streets of Montreal to guage the reaction. We waded through the happiness and found people willing to share their love of Gingham with the Got Gingham Getters.
Not wanting their role in the action being blown out of proportion, thinking I'm with the fashion police, most people yesterday were unwilling to show their face in fear of being tagged by their friends. Got Gingham is impartial, we just want to document what's going down, so this is in no way meant to incriminate anybody. The bloke on the right, Pierre from France was totally convinced I'm from the U.N. Security Council. With great reluctance he allowed me to capture his 1970s-vintage green marvel.  

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