Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kenny's In the House of Gingham

It's Not the Man Who Would Be Gingham, It's the man who IS GINGHAM. Long live the Gingham.
30th June, 2011 (Montreal)--Tomorrow is Canada Day which means everybody outside of Quebec will be reflecting on our vast nation and thanking goodness for a day off. We would too, here in Montreal, but the majority of us are moving house, or helping people move house or skulking off to the countryside feeling guilty about not helping somebody move house. Anyway, that's enough politics, time to get on with the show.
Meet Kenny--who took time out of his busy day helping people celebrate the weekend and agreed to this shot. Showing off an ultra fine-thread Black and White Gingham mélange two-toner that is pretty rare in these parts. It's no longer available as far as any rag trade insider I spoke to knew. They used to call it a Jockey Style Cut in my granny's era but that term is going out of circulation these days. Time for a new textile term: The King Kenny.

The Royal Exhange: My Gingham for your Horse
Meanwhile, I promised you footage from London. The editor over at  Livvy Jam's sent this one in of Adam Griffin who shares a triple-tone Not Gingham special, with some artistic atmosphere thrown in.

"OMG! I'm on Got Gingham!"
And lastly, how about some Audrina Partridge, who I understand happens to be getting a lot of work in Hollywood these days. Black and White Gingham rules the set.

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