Thursday, August 25, 2011


Next year both of them better be wearing Gingham or mate stays out of the picture.

25th August, 2011 (Montreal) Continuing with the idea that Chicago is the Buenos Aires of the North it was about time we mixed it up with some Latin Cuisine. Fact is, if I were Mexican and wanted out, the first place I'd go is somewhere like Buenos Aires--big beautiful city on a large body of water filled with tons of buildings built in the nineteenth century where they speak my tongue. But what a distance once you realize, practically the exact same features lie such a short trip up the Mississippi on the shore of Lake Michigan. Of course you'd blow off South America and settle in Chicago. Make no mistake, Chicago is a Latin city. People from Pueblo come here to taste food like home. That's where we found Daniel and his mate, sampling a bit of the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival and feeling hungry for something more. Totally spot on with this Basque Pink All-Season Gingham Patio Slacker Daniel can only mention to his friend the finer points of genuine Gingham. Dressed like this, Daniel can now walk with lions and know they would only purr in response. Meanwhile look at the prices. No wonder Chicago can afford so much Gingham.

Aris from France beaming with confidence.
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Professor of Gingham, U of C

We met people from all parts of the globe and country. They say Chicago's the Capital of America, and that New York is the Capital of the World. And the term for Windy City originated not from any weather pattern, but in gangland where the New York mob thought the Chicago upstarts were full of hot air. Either way, NYC will never be considered, in any breath, the B.A. of the North.

Here's a hat ordered for next year's Fest:
We didn't want to wear Chicago ensigns to the Festival in order to trade on our Montreal outsider status and not look like a gooby tourist. But not anymore. Chicago deserves it's title of Gingham City whether you've ever been to Buenos Aires or not.

Not to advertise, but the only place we could find this is via STRICTLY FITTEDS

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  1. I'll be the judge of that, señor!

  2. Please read my humble appeal on my blogger profile

  3. @Narfette: Come to the 2012 Chigago Gingham Festival and we can make sure it indeed BECOMES the B.A. of the North, yeah?
    @Majid Ali: do you have any Gingham? I wish you luck in your humble appeal. I think your stuff is more important than mine, which means this place is probably is the wrong arena.