Monday, August 1, 2011

Soul makes a Career in Gingham

Ted's Got off the Last Train from Gingham Junction.
1st August, 2011 (Montreal)--Ted here was waiting outside Gare Centrale au Centreville Montréal and I just knew he'd be an avid fan of Gingham. Visiting from out of town you can tell Ted's no stranger to these parts, considering the importance he has put into presenting himself to our fair city. See him under the towering glory of Place Ville Marie, yet not being overshadowed in the slightest. Nothing can put his Inchon-Violet coloured long sleeve casual day shirt he's wearing in the shade. This is Korean Gingham at it's finest, folks. Bought in Seoul and carried to us by some miracle so we can see it here today. Thanks Ted, 당신이 가지고 좋은 스타일! (And there goes our entire batch of Seoul street-slang for the year.)

No Violet Reactions: Paparazzi are forgiven, if the subject's Got Gingham.
 More Violet Street Action:

Here is a famous actor (as seen in The Bitter End among others) caught by our contributor Myles Renaud, continuing with the Violet Theme.

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