Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Girls on a Train to Gingham City!

We took the long way home.
"My girlfriend keeps borrowing my clothes."
24th August, 2011 (Montreal) The Blue and Red Lines run all night long in Chicago--perfect for the Gingham Festival goers with insomnia. As the smoke cleared in Wicker Park last Friday Night and the legal bars closed, Gingham Getters began heading towards the South Side to join the House Music Revival on Dearborn. One by one, on any platform you could see them cruising heading to the event. Turning all heads was Tirena. Of course she was going Southbound for the finale in this Chicago Style Button-down Crane Rider popularized by the construction hunks who built this city. Tirena is a natural. Before I'd even finished explaining what Got Gingham is and what it's all about (see academics from yesterday) she'd already waved like a pro for me to just get on with it, and we were done. See ya next year Miss T!

 More Scenes from the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival

Do Good is written everywhere in Chicago. Get Gingham is what's actually spoken.
Keys to the City of Gingham.
Music at Double Door, House at 2200 South Dearborn, Stadium Art at Gunner's on Milwaukee showing the entire city was in a Gingham and Tonic frenzy. Proof that the party was major is the slow stroll off the "L" the next day. Man needs a coffee. Meanwhile we've had correspondence from across the world sending their regards to the proceedings. Notice how Chicago was founded by a Haitian-Quebecios (DeSable) and how many French names abound. The city is practically French as far as Got Gingham's concerned and therefore deserves the term Buenos Aires of the North, 
Chicago's roots.
considering BA is called Paris of the South. Patrick, Got Gingham's Homme en France reminds us of the origins of Gingham with this crest of Vichy, which everybody knows is what the French call this website.

The first French civilian realized it takes two to tango in the Gingham City.

 You're in the BA of the North and were at the Fest and Got Gingham? Send your Gingham Gets to

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