Monday, August 22, 2011


You can't buy class. But you can take pictures of it.
Exclusive close-up for scrutiny by the experts.
August 22nd, 2011 (Montreal) People who've never been there often hear how friendly the people are in Chicago and suppose it's all a myth. Got Gingham went to the Chicago Gingham Festival and as it turns out pretty much everybody has it wired into them that they have a reputation to live up to. Folks, we've Got (tons of) Gingham from Chiclet City it might be next year's Festival by the time we actually run all the footage. In no particular order of standing we start with Chelsea, who happened to be our last Get before leaving Wicker Park on a Friday night. Follow Chelsea in her Nebraska Blue Gingham Skirt and you are going to make it to the top. Here she is with her crew after setting ablaze the district till the bars closed. This is what experts in the textile trade would call Deep Dish Design but for us fun-loving ravers just catching the festival for a laugh, we call this skirt the only sane reason an artist would ever need to own a safe. As a thank you for her generosity, Got Gingham has commissioned a special video to her praises you can see HERE. Thanks Chelsea and crew, for Got Gingham, these colours never run.


 If you can't beat 'em, you might as well Gingham.

John Hancock loved Gingham.
Gingham dealer outside Board of Trade.
 Everywhere we turned it seemed the city was getting behind the 2011 Chicago Gingham Festival. Here are some shots of people heading for the event. There was a lot of talk on the street about the end of the Eighth Wave and how perhaps we're seeing the last of the genuine article. These people hadn't made it out to some of the serious collectors' stores on Halsted where Gingham was certainly being priced higher than gold per net ounces.
The shop refused to let us in for a private appointment.We said do you know who we are? You Go Gingham they replied.
Some were wearing T-shirts under their Gingham.
Keep with us as all this week as we run more shots of the famous Gingham Festival from the Chicago School.

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