Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Got Cat!

Yes, you do in fact have to be a star to be on our show. But only if you Got Gingham.
10th August, 2011 (Montreal) We rarely dedicate an entire day to one person, but sometimes we need to prove a point. On our way to a Bérurier noir revival conversation we bumped into Cat here who's been around the world and swore to me she hasn't got any gingham. Stylish chick like this and no gingham? A major sign that the system definitely needs fixing. Got Gingham came to the rescue for the sole excuse to put Cat on our site, because if you ain't got gingham, you ain't on Got Gingham. So, as we either listen to Cat purr with her seen-this-seen-that Buenos Aires accent in Spanish or sit back and get transported to the other side of the Atlantic with tales of wins and defeats abroad, right here we can feel victory for Got Gingham. Because Got Gingham has finally, after much fierce campaigning, Got Cat!

Don't forget to send your gingham gets to

Ruth has three Gingham shirts, her pal has only two. That's still cool.
Here's something else to get excited about. Ruth finally shows her face. You might remember her name from a few weeks ago where she would only let us take a close up of her rare groove Levis vintage. Here we see her in some hot pink 80's Gingham. We rarely do a series of beautiful women, hoping for the Gingham to speak for itself. But nor can we exactly tell people to go home and change, either.

Gingham makes the world go round.
As for change, here's a nice purse to put all your cash you've been making, from our friends at Tucked Style (click here to see more).

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