Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keeping Gingham on the D.L.

If it ain't Got Gingham, it's a D.L.-breaker.
12th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Meet our latest standout at Got Gingham, the man who goes by the name D.L. Here we get googly-eyed at the sight of his Saturday Blue Gingham long sleever that had everybody in Café Névé wishing for a closer look. Now stand back again and realize this is one of those lost treasures, given to D.L. by a secret benefactor he wanted to keep low-profile. The very fact that D.L. agreed to be part of our Street Action series is incredible considering the company he keeps (just outside camera view were some of the more sought-after pop musicians in France, right now.) They were hanging out for a coffee, keeping it underground, not looking for exposure. But when it comes to Gingham, D.L. was right there for us in joining our cause.

The Three Ginghameers: Green, Blue and Chocolate Milk.
Gingham isn't just for breakfast anymore.
Coffee and Gingham: Java's gift to the world.
Unfortunately lads, Polka always trumps Gingham when it's worn by a female. A rare man wears Polka.
Almost everybody's in Gingham, except--most glaringly--that imposter from the Quebec branch of the Polka-dot Liberation Front. No problem, Gingham lovers can mix with just about any stripe.

And finally some more shots from the Indian Festival in Montreal last weekend:
Dandelions and Gingham, and instant attraction.
No shortage of Gingham at the Indy Fest.

Those who have it know it. Those who gettit send it to gotgingham@gmail.com

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