Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend In Gingham County

3rd July, 2011 (Mont St-Sauveur, Quebec)--Got Gingham Getters have been relaxing on a Canadian Long Weekend with most Montrealais heading out of town to ignore the Royal Couple who happened to be visiting our city looking for Gingham. Unfortunately, Got Gingham is up North and cannot help the Duke and Duchess of Oxbridge-University of London-Guilford Polytechnic, or Kate and Bill as my mum likes to call them.
Gingham is one of life's beer-essentials
In the meantime here are some shots from the countryside to show Kate and Bill where to come to next time they are on tour. Here is my beer on my Gingham Poncho.

Every dog has their day in the sun...

Next my Gingham Poncho finds itself relaxing on a deck in the Laurentides near a beautiful lake.

Partying like it's Nineteen-Ninety Gingham
And to give you a little proof that humans were actually sporting Gingham in the Woods this weekend: Here is Olivier Hamel showing off a Forty-five he scored from his brother's company! We're looking at an inside-track garment by WESC  of yellow-tinted Blue Gingham. If you look carefully you will see the yellow shadow that gives this cut a special glow depending on the angle. Not only can Olivier party in the woods (this is at a secret location near St-Sauveur) with the  best of them, he can lead us through the darkness and to the Promised Land of Gingham with this outrageous limited edition cut. Olivier let me take lots of other photos so on slow news days I've got some sunshine for you.

Tomorrow we celebrate Two Hundred and Thirty-odd Years of Independent Gingham wearing in the United States. Those who get it send their pics to like this candid shot taken Canada Day, Sherbroke-St-Urbain environs:
Jazz Fest Tourists: You ain't got that Swingham if you ain't got that Gingham

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