Monday, July 25, 2011


"Look, I kinda gotta Gig, um, in a few minutes, can we do this quick?"
25th July, 2011 (Montreal)--This page often profiles up-and-coming artists in order to make claims like you saw it here first. But that doesn't mean we're just going to ignore those that are already established and cool. Take Peter here, from the band Free Love Fenner caught five minutes before leaving for their July 9th gig over in Sherbrooke (real journalists can tell you more about the band HERE).
Note the ease in which this fine-hatch Blue Gingham Afternoon Shirt hangs out with the best of them. This shirt is comfortable in it's surroundings due to the fact Peter custom-ordered it from Phillips Square in Montreal. According to his other band mates, Peter has been into Gingham since before anybody had even heard of Gingham. I mean, if you're ordering your own shirts you're a pretty serious collector. And if you're going to have an original sound using traditional instruments--you might as well have an original look that incorporates some traditional pattern. In this case Peter's Got Gingham. It's a long wonderful road, so see you all out there on it.

Gingham on the Streets of Vancouver:

Yes she looks great, but penguin guy's a total Gingham blocker.

The Eyeline is a street style site with lots of gingham so check them out!

Meanwhile here is quick contribution from my gorgeous niece in England, showing us how much Gingham they have around the house, before even hearing about Got Gingham:

"Your drawers will overflow with Gingham."
Strawberry Gingham Forever.
Dreamtime in Gingham Heaven.

Gingham is Love.
Those who gettit, send it to

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