Thursday, July 28, 2011


Special cuffs allow for dancing to Les Cowboys Fringants in Paris, par example.
Misteur Valaire, before they left the Argyle Regiment.
28th July, 2011 (Montreal)--We bring you Chris in a Mediterranean Blue Gingham Barcelona-Style Vichy by Zara, which means no way was it available any longer three weeks after he purchased it. That's the deal with these Eighth Wave Gingham makers, they've actually turned this current wave of Gingham into little mini-waves. Chris often wears this shirt to go crowd-surfing amid the major pool of talent that's rippling the Quebec music scene these days, saying "Make sure you tell 'em I mean French Music." For all the notoriety brought on by the Oscar-thingy given to Arcade Fire, major acceptance abroad has come ashore for several Quebecois acts of late: Coeur de Pirates, Misteur Valaire..., and pretty much any musical accompaniment to Cirque du Soleil. So next time you're in Dallas or Austin and you hear Malajube coming out of a Honky-Tonk, thank people like Chris in their Gingham, who helped get it all off the ground in the first place. Just for good measure we include an exclusive shot of Misteur Valaire from 2007 while they still had day jobs and hadn't got into Gingham yet.

Scientific fact:Gingham Getters tend to want to stay alive longer.
Rock 'n' Roll is cool and everything, and doing it in Gingham is a great recommendation, but you don't wanna be joining the 27 Club. Stay out of trouble Gingham Getters, and you might one day be a Granny or Grandpa in style.

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