Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alok's Got Gingham For Rent!

Mohindra:"Not everybody's buying into this whole Gingham thing... I mean we've got to expect the tourists. That's why I'm here."
10th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Business is booming in the Gingham sector, particularly here in Montreal. Today we profile entrepreneur Alok Mohindra who is known for his expertise in helping launch extremely-complicated-to-describe-here innovations for Venture Capitalists, his general all-round good looks and specific discern for certain types of Gingham. Not happy to just stay in the hi-tech, communications and arts promotion league, Alok is now branching deeper into the longings of his fellow Montrealers and offering Gingham for Rent. It's so that everybody can get in on this thing without what Alok calls "All that pesky wantrepreneur start-up capital hassle, like buying outright from the Bay, or somewhere." Instead, all you have to do is stand in front of his corporate office here on St-Laurent Blvd and take a photo of yourself in front of this Royal Green Gingham window case. Now everybody can share in this wonderful love affair we have with life.

Translation: if you're not naked and it's not Gingham, it's useless.
As promised, we've got a busy week ahead with some great Gingham Gets from all around the city and nation. Much of our Gingham Gets were at the the two day Indian Festival in Jean-Mance Park, many of them terrific candids. Here is our professional in-house model Irwin Kee explaining it all to us visually. Proof that Krishna approves of Gingham was evidenced by how much of it was in evidence yesterday, evidently.

Most requested song of the night: Where the Streets have no Gingham.
And as a repeating feature, here is a candid submitted from one of our readers on the way back from the U2 (an Irish rock band) concert last Friday night.

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