Thursday, July 21, 2011


Make no mistake: Frantz is not a country in Europe, he's an œuvre.
21st July, 2011 (Montreal) Meet Frantz who lives life as if it is a work of art in progress. How can you tell it is a work of art? Just take a look at this smashing Blue and White Gingham Frontier Special Frantz is displaying for all to see. You can't get this shirt in Canada. In fact you can't get this shirt anywhere else in the world now--because the friend who gave this to Frantz is not giving anymore away. That's ok, because after a lot of arm-twisting, cajoling and then straight out begging, Frantz agreed to let us take a picture of this passport to happiness he's wearing. Now thanks to Got Gingham, all you have to do is throw on some reggae in the background, cut your face in half with a smile and imagine you are jamming on a sunny day--and you've got a vision of the progress Frantz is making in the masterpiece of art we call life. Thanks Frantz, you've made the world a brighter place.

Meanwhile check out this Gingham from our friends in Philadelphia at Reuben Harley's Street Gazing site:
With Gingham, there's no rest for the wicked.
Don't you hate it when you're trying to take a pic of an old sandwich bag and a beautiful girl in a Gingham Skirt walks in on the shot?
Perfect look, except missing a Gingham Tattoo.
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