Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chelsea Will Always Be Top of the League!

Chelsea fans all over the world are getting into Gingham.
19th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Here is our most sought-after model at Got Gingham. Problem is, she's under contract to a rival agency so it is an absolute coup d'etat to have been able to convince Chelsea to show us some Gingham she keeps on hand just to prove she's ready for anything that comes. Named after one of the world's most stylish football teams, it makes sense that Chelsea has also Got Gingham. Unfortunately we can't show her last name or we'll be in trouble with some big-time lawyer for breach of contract. Obviously the Gingham Underground will protect her from any harm, but let's not forget what a dare it was for Chelsea to stick her neck out like this for our cause. Chelsea rules in this Black and Blue Seattle-style do-it-all that has us all just hoping, any second now, she'll turn around and tell us the score.

Gingham on Duluth

Avenue Duluth in Montreal is slowly turning into a de facto small-scale off-license vintage market. In most cities, local merchants on a street like this would have had the cops clear all the hawkers away, but somehow, at least in the eight years I've lived on this street, the deals on second-hand ashtrays, wine corks and used colouring books continue to be got. I can't tell you how much Gingham I've picked up on this stretch of the Plateau off clueless college grads selling up and heading back to Angloland. That's not how it is with our Sarah (the stunning brunette, off camera.) She has great gear. But most of all take a look at her garden-variety carry-on bag made of pure vinyl, available for no more than a dollar all over Europe. Cheap, perhaps. But obviously for our purposes, it makes Sarah's stall a full-scale pit-stop on the road to Damascus. Check out the gorgeous Moroccan Blue Gingham printed on that sack! Worth every penny.

Gingham Graffiti artists on Avenue Duluth, sacking the neighbourhood.

To finish off our Tuesday, here is a sophisticated woman waiting to watch Cirque du Soleil, sent to us by our contributor Senn Dreller to gotgingham@gmail.com

"Gee, they're juggling chainsaws and standing on one leg upon a motorcycle while going along a tightrope." That's what they're looking at. Us, we're only in it for the Gingham.

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