Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Song for Gingham!

 Modasuite's Torch Song for Gingham
20th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Finally we bring you Gingham from our new pals over at Modasuite, a Montreal-based company that does made-to-measure garments for what has got to be the bargain of the century. What's more, check out their website they've aptly called THE STREETS. That's where I found our man Song here, wearing this Blue and White day shirt under the jacket. Excellent choice. But it's not the only Gingham shirt Song could have scored from Modasuite, they have quite a few varieties. Luckily, Modasuite have given us full permission to post as many of their models as we want. But you want to know the real deal, so we've ordered Got Gingham a couple of shirts for ourselves and research purposes which we will be reviewing here on these pages once they arrive. So consider this the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

Meanwhile, while you wait for our nightlife series...

Shouldering all the blame for the Gingham Invasion.
No skirting the fact she's Got Gingham
Here are some random Gingham Gets submitted over the past few days: send to

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