Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aussie Rules Gingham is Now All Over The World

"Been around the World And I--I--I... I just love my Gingham"
14th July, 2011 (Montreal)--While the rest of the world is going crazy over France's birthday Got Gingham had the pleasure of bumping into our surfie mate Nick from Down Under. Now everybody knows Australia is Two Hundred and Thirty Years behind when it comes to Paris Fashion... Well, ok. At least as far as shedding their Royalty goes.
Here we show proof that in fact, wherever you are in the world right now: in Australia it's tomorrow. Check out this Aussie-Style stitch Nick says he got here in Montreal at Mexx during stints between volunteering in Latin America and surfing the world's clothing hubs. Notice how thin the bands on this shirt are--almost breaking the sanctions of Gingham and turning the whole thing into graph paper. But if you take into consideration how the over-lapping junctions in the grid conform to classic Javan weaves, you've gotta put your doubts on the barbie and throw a toast to this Bateman's Bay Green bolt from the future. No wonder they call it New South Wales. Nick can lead the way.

Bullet-proof Gingham.

Here we see New York Calipso Style Gingham straight from The Outback. Even a dingo couldn't carry away this baby.

Gingham has been tested to give cyclists extra strength and visibility.
THE CYCLE of gingham CONTINUES... proof the NYC Style is up and running: candid shot from our hotline zoom

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