Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"We need more Gingham in midfield. We need Gingham in attack. In fact we need a Gingham goalkeeper."
"We could use a Gingham ref, too."

26th July, 2011 (Montreal)--Everybody in the world loves Nick De Santis, the main honcho for the Montreal Impact soccer team. Today he was in all the city's papers going on about how the team is looking for a decent coach in time for next year's entrance into the mighty MLS. As any media-savvy spokesman knows, if you want to convey a message to the masses you've got to do it by preying on their subtle sub-conscious needs and wants. Right here we see Mnsr. De Santis in a Violet Gingham Walkover as he meets the press. Frankly, I didn't really read the rest of the artcle, but I'm sure the gist of it was "Look, we need a new coach. We're looking really carefully. The sooner we find out who it's going to be, the sooner we can custom order his Gingham." Meanwhile, my spies on the terraces amongst The Ultras report an enormous uptick in Gingham worn by fans of the beautiful game. Just for total name-dropping value, we've included a picture of when we actually interviewed the man in 2005.

Ruth's Got Gingham!

Levis Strauss have been making Gingham since the 5th Wave.
You can still tell she's beautiful.
Ruth, one of our behind-the-scenes contributors has been showing off a 40 year old Levis Vintage Antique Masterpiece in Basque Blue Gingham for the last year or so. There just seems to be no amount of cash, property or promises to convince her to model for our cameras, so the best we could get is some close ups. Check out the label, proof it's from like, the Sixties at least. We have her uncle to thank for preserving it all these years. We were amazed he even gave it away to her. "No way, he only lets me borrow it!" Gingham Socialism! United we are strong.

Super Natural Gingham Columbia.
And here's another random street scene from our friends at The Eyeline in Vancouver.
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